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For the last 2 weeks, the children at all three settings have been enjoying their meals by local provider 'Willoughby Foods'. We researched a number of providers within the local area, before choosing to trial with Willoughby, based on them having their own on-site Butchers, and their use of locally sourced fruit and vegetables. Over the next few weeks we will be finalising our choices based upon the preferences of the children as a group and what have been the biggest favourites! The most enjoyed meals have seemed to have been the roast dinners, and the pasta bologneses with salad and garlic bread. Attached in pdf is their sample meal plan to give Parents an overview of the kinds of meals they serve and also a link to their website below in case anyone would like to have more information about the company. This term, to avoid everyone having renewed contracts (!) Acorns and Little Oaks have been ordering the mains and vegetarian options for now as we monitor what is being enjoyed the most by the children and will be gathering continued feedback over the next few weeks too before finalising arrangements with them laugh