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Autumn has offically started at Little Oaks Preschool.
We would like to start by thanking you all for returning your Autumn collection bags, the children have all been so excited to share them with us. We have loved watching the chesnuts crack and the conkers appear! The children have also been interested in the changes in colour to the leaves, as we had a big selection of different coloured leaves to show them - so thankyou again! In the art room the children have been using their senses to explore the sensory playdough kit. We have also been doing some leaf printing using either the paint or wax crayons. We plan to extend this next week by making our very own collages to take home.
In the play room, an exploration tough spot has been set up for the children. This incudes a number of different activities such as letter recognition leaves, sorting Autumn objects and seasonal themed songs for the children to learn.
In the sensory room, we have our very own Autumn wonderland for the children to really use their imagination to create whatever they wish. This room offers the children a quiet, focused area to be creative in their own individual way. 
In addition to this, we have also started Autumn themed yoga sessions through out the week so that every child gets to opportunity to complete it.