About Us

Our settings are organised loosely into four groups – our Little Hedgehog rooms are for babies approximately 3 months to 18 months old, the Little Rabbit groups are for toddlers from anywhere between 18 months and 3 years, and our pre-schoolers are in the Little Badgers groups. Junior Badgers can start from around 30 months if they are ready, becoming Senior Badgers once they are entitled to claim their Early Years Education funding in the term following their third birthday. Children move up from Hedgehogs to Rabbits and then from Rabbits to Badgers at their own pace and according to their strengths. Each group’s paths cross several times during each busy day, and the younger children are often keen to move up long before their second or third birthday! At the same time, some children benefit greatly from taking occasional time out from their regular group to share some time with their younger little friends – this can be especially helpful for them during particular adult-led activities. Older children join us before and after school and for Squirrel Holiday Club sessions.   Older children have the freedom to visit their younger siblings, sharing mealtimes and playtimes with them if they choose.

Sessions and fees.

Both Acorns and Little Oaks are open Monday to Friday 50 weeks of the year (*closing for two weeks over Christmas and New Year. We are happy to offer a reduced service over the Festive holiday if sufficient parents require this please ask for details. ).

We run three 3-hour sessions per day –

Session A is 8.30 11.30 a.m., Session B runs 11.30 a.m. 2.30 p.m. and Session C is 2.30 5.30 p.m. Attendance outside these hours is also available, and can be arranged when parents are discussing with our Office Manager the terms of their individual contracts. Our Fee Tariff is available on request, and includes details of:

Fees per session                     Fees per day                  Reduced fees & special offers for full-time attenders

Charges for attendance outside of session times         Fee discounts for 2 or more children..

Our childcare charges are calculated across the academic year, averaged out to monthly costs to support parents paying by Direct Debit, with Childcare Voucher Schemes or who are in receipt of Childcare Tax Credits. Monthly fees should be settled by the 28th day of each preceding month. Please ask our Office Manager for our Bank details.

Parents of children who are attending full-time (i.e. 35+ hours per week, year round) are welcome to settle their fees weekly in cash if they prefer, fees to be received at the start of their first attended session each week. . With apologies, we are not able to accept cheque payments.

Once you have been to visit our setting(s) and confirmed that you would like your child to join us, to secure your child’s space we require:

A copy of your child’s full Birth Certificate.                         Your completed Registration Form

Your registration deposit (non-refundable) to cover set-up costs (Book bag, Adventure Book, Photos etc)

We will then arrange some settling-in sessions in the month before your chosen start date. Please refer to our current Tariff for details of charges for sessions-in sessions.   Once your childcare contract has been signed we request the first month’s fees (or first week’s fees for full time attenders) in advance, please.

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Working within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We follow closely the EYFS guidelines which inform our practice and give us a framework within which to observe, assess and plan for each individual child. The framework consists of a number of criteria which children can be anticipated to accomplish or achieve over the course of their development. All of our childcare practitioners are experienced in considering learning styles, attainment levels, strengths and challenges in order to plan for play and learning opportunities to strengthen, support or stretch each individual child. All our practitioners contribute observations which form the basis of the children’s Adventure Book records, and notes, photographs and examples of their achievements are drawn together by each child’s key carer to produce a valuable and enchanting account of their personal development. We welcome parents’ contributions to the Adventure Books and together we produce a book full of memories which the children love to share.

Beginning with our Little Hedgehogs, we concentrate on the three Prime Areas of Learning


Physical Development                      Personal, social & emotional              Communication & Language


Then, as the children grow and develop, we track their progress across an additional four Specific Areas of Learning