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Parent testimony - "Thank you for all you've done for our little girl. She's been with you since a tot and grown with your love and guidance. Thank you for all of the help, flexibility and support given to us too. You've got the dream team and it's fab being on the receiving end of its work as a Parent"

Principals Welcome

I adore children!  I cherish their company, revel in their personalities and I am in awe of their limitless potential.   I recognise how important it is for every child, regardless of background, challenges and accomplishments, to know and understand that they are valued, appreciated and loved.  I share my days with like-minded childcare professionals who are dedicated to providing the very best opportunities for every child in our shared care, so that they can develop and grow at their own pace, in their individual styles, respecting one another and learning to become strong, independent life-long learners and lovely little citizens of the World.
Welcome to our website – please feel free to contact me if you can’t find what you are looking for.   


21-10-2019 11:00: October Half-Term
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Start Time: 21-10-2019 11:00

End Time: 28-10-2019 00:00

Additional Info: Half-Term for all of those on the Term-time only contracts. Monday 21st October - Monday 28th October

20-12-2019 11:00: Christmas Break
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Start Time: 20-12-2019 11:00

End Time: 05-01-2020 00:00

Additional Info: Happy Christmas to all our friends and families! Last day of term is 20th December and we look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 6th January 2020!

25-12-2019: Bank Holiday

Start Time: 25-12-2019

End Time: All Day Event

26-12-2019: Bank Holiday

Start Time: 26-12-2019

End Time: All Day Event

01-01-2020: Bank Holiday

Start Time: 01-01-2020

End Time: All Day Event


Sickness Policy

We have had two reported cases of sickness bugs across our settings in the last 48 hours. If your child has shown any symptoms of a sickenss bug they must be kept away from Nursery or Pre School for 48 hours after the last episode of vomiting and/or diarrhoea. We understand that it can be challenging when you need to keep your child off with illness however we have a duty of care to provide a full service for our families and we need to do all that we can to prevent the spread of illness within the setting. If you have any concerns please follow the NHS Common Childhood Illnesses link which can be found in the News section of this app.


Drop off and Collection times

Polite reminder: Please ensure that you follow your drop off and collection times as per your contract. It is imperative that no child is in attendance outside of these times to ensure that we adhere to staff:child ratios and insurance requirements are complied with. Please note some families have contracted start and end times outside of main sessions and all staff are fully aware of individual agreements in place.



PARENTS WITH THUMBPRINT ACCESS AT LITTLE OAKS. Please ensure you do not hold the gate open for other visitors, even if you recognise them. The system works on identification record and in the interests of child safety, this is an essential log. Anyone who is observed to let others pass through will unfortunately be removed from the system, thank you. 


Park and stride initiative

We have had safety lock catches installed on our buggy/bike parks for anyone who would like to encourage their children to bike/walk to Nursery, or for those Parents who are walking with pushchairs and would like to leave them on site in the shelters. Acorn s shelter is situated at the front of the baby room and Little Oaks is positioned alongside the fence backing onto the riverbank. Please feel free to bring bike/buggy locks to safely attach them if you would like to smiley


Parking arrangements at Maytree Lodge September 2019.

As of September 4th, the car park at Little Oaks will be allocated as Staff Parking only. This is to limit the number of cars driving on and off the property and reduce the number of cars parked down Roman Bank for any length of time in order to comply with highways requests. We are in the process of installing safety rails so that we have a designated on-foot only entrance adjacent to the river bank and will notify Parents as soon as this is fully installed. Please note: we will be closing one half of the large metal gates on the main entrance at 8.15am. As with everything, this will be closely monitored and any adaptations deemed necessary over time will be made.  



Due to the changes from County again this year and only receiving the new processes a fortnight ago unfortunately there has been an unavoidable delay in how quickly we have been able to compile and process contracts. We realise this has caused inconvenience to our Parents as well as behind the scenes so thank you all for bearing with us, and please be reassured that they are all in process and will be allocated as quickly as possible.


Funded spaces changes

Please ensure you return your funding selection forms and Parental Declarations as soon as possible. Spaces are getting very limited for September and will be issued on a first come first served basis. PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO CONTINUED CHANGES FROM COUNTY, WE ARE UNABLE TO INCREASE FUNDED HOURS. WHAT YOU REQUEST FOR SEPTEMBER WILL NOW BE IN PLACE FOR THE YEAR AS WE CAN NO LONGER AMEND. THIS IS UNFORTUNATELY OUT OF OUR CONTROL. Thank you.  


Polite reminder

Please note - Pre-school children on the stretched offer, last day of attendance is 14th August. Fees are calculated to average out across the year therefore normal monthly payment applies, thank you. Please settle Augusts fees by 9th to avoid late payment charges.  


Thank you!

A big thank-you to all of our Parents for the support this week with the unscheduled changes at Little Oaks! It has been wonderful to have all of our Little Otters in their new home already and to share a few extra days with our school-ready biggest Otters laugh Senior Kingfishers will be joining the Pre-schoolers shortly, as soon as their new friends have settled in but have thoroughly enjoyed their own little adventures too! What a busy but exciting week, and lovely to have had so much positivity from our families - thank you. Awesome work from the team for such a quick turn around and helping everything run smoothly despite the unavoidable changes! 



If your child had a graduation picture taken by the photographer and you have not yet recieved your pictures, please check your email spam folder. If the email is not there, please contact Shauna directly on the Facebook page so she can re-send them to you. 
Many Thanks