Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 13.10.42We offer a nutritious and delicious range of refreshments, from fruit platters or cereals at snack-time to home-cooked menus from around the World for lunch and a full afternoon tea-time selection.   Every child has access to fresh water at all times – the Little Hedgehogs use either bottles from home, or one of our set of training beakers, colour-coded to ease identification. The Little Rabbits have their own drinking bottles, again marked to avoid sharing! Little Badgers can help themselves to their own named drink bottles, or pour their own drinks from a refrigerated jug. We offer milk as an alternative to water but rarely offer fruit squashes or juice unless the children need particular encouragement to drink – e.g. when they are running a temperature, or the weather is particularly hot.

Little Rabbits and Little Badgers are encouraged to serve themselves at lunchtime, and at teatime we have party etiquette practice.

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Session A snacks are provided free of charge. Lunches and teas are charged per meal for children attending sessionally (please refer to our Tariff), or included at no extra charge in the weekly fees for full time attenders.

Important dietary details are relayed to our Chef who is adept at developing tailored menus for children who have allergies, sensitivities or cultural considerations to take into account.   Chef designs her menu plans to tie in with our topics and projects and excels at developing new World recipes for the children to try, and is happy to assist parents who Feel that their children may be struggling with some tastes/food groups.

Chef plans her menu weekly to ensure the inclusion of the freshest seasonal ingredients and we display each day’s menu at our nursery entrances so that parents know what the children have experienced each day.

Wherever possible we source our groceries locally and ethically and we use organically produced fruit and vegetables as often as we can. We have a well-established allotment and herb & salad garden which allow the children to share in the care, harvesting and preparation of food that they have grown themselves.


Little Hedgehogs should bring with them all the food, drinks and snacks they will require for their time at nursery, so that parents are reassured that they are eating exactly what they prefer.  Formula milk should be sent in ready-to-drink cartons (together with sterilised bottles sent from home) or prepared in bottles from home as per manufacturers instructions, ready for staff to warm through. Baby food (shop bought packets, tins, jars etc.) should be sent in original packaging so that we can be certain that we are preparing them safely. Food that has been prepared and either quick-chilled or frozen at home is fine, so long as clear written instructions for re-heating are enclosed, or outlined in the diary.

As Little Hedgehogs approach their first birthday, we will send home a note inviting them to join our Acorns/Oaks dining experience.

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