Little Badgers

Little Badgers are aged 3 to 5 years and need to be squeezing every last drop of adventure out of your days before you head off to Primary School.  Our sessions are topic based, usually following the Seasons and often relating directly to relevant current local events, World festivals…  Whilst we take care to cover all the Areas of Learning, we work particularly hard to build on your Personal, Social and Emotional Development., exploring strategies in sharing and playing fair and knowing when and how to ask for help so that you are school-ready in plenty of time.  We encourage Little Badgers to develop your own self-care skills… putting on and taking off your shoes and coats, recognising your name so that you can find your own special places for your shoes and coats etc.  We welcome parents’ support in finding time to support the Badgers with these important matters at home… and we greatly appreciate it when parents mark your belongings with your name or initials.!  We will respond to your  interests and learning styles to allow you the greatest freedom to learn and develop as individuals, with key carers on hand to make sure that you are fulfilling your potential across all seven Areas of Learning.

As well as easy access to every play and learning opportunity, Little Badgers also have timetabled opportunities for small group and one-to-one activities which enable your Key Carers to plan for individual children’s needs, be it extra time and support in one area, or additional “stretching” challenges in another.  We take particular care to follow the Badgers’ individual and collective interests, tailoring our adult-led activities to sustain your enthusiasm… what a joy to be astronauts one week, jungle animals the next!


What you will need to leave at Nursery:

Sun hat with neck protection

Sun cream/lotion

Wellington boots

PE kit – please see Uniform page.


What you will need to bring every day:

Book bag and folder    Rain coat/winter coat/gloves/hat/scarf…. We play outdoors, whatever the weather!      

In your last term before transition to Primary School, Reception class staff from local schools will visit

you at Nursery so that you will be able to  recognise them on your first day at Big School,  and at

the end of the Summer term, we hold a Graduation Ceremony and party for the Little Badgers who are

off to Primary School in September.

What you will need to bring every day One complete change of clothes.